They Are Our Why

Fighting Generational poverty one child at a time, by empowering a child's dream with access to education. so they can grow to become financially secure.

This Is Our How

Building a company that empowers you to do more with your purchase power, so with every purchase, a child is empowered to be more when they grow. 25% of profit sponsors a child's education

Empowering Todays Orphan, To Become Tomorrow's CEO

We believe not all heroes wear capes, that empowering lives shouldn't require massive gestures or millions of dollars. That helping one is just as important as saving many.

Meet The Founder

People Over Profitt.💪

Why we're tearing down the notion that business should only be about profit. 25% of our profits go into educational programs for the most vulnerable children.


Poverty Ends Where Empowerment Begins

Helping a child write their own story and build their own future

Education Essentials

Remember going back to school shopping with your parents? Let's do the same for less privileged kids and orphans. Help a child get school ready with school essentials such as Backpacks, books, calculators, e.t.c

Quality Of Live Essentials

Kids should live like kids, which means having access to basic things like clothing, toys, shoes, books, video games, board games. With your help, every child can live their best life

Pride Essentials

Bodycare essentials like lotion are luxury items easily sacrificed for other essentials like tuition, food, and upkeep of orphanage homes. Our aim is to provide Toiletries to every orphanage home in Nigeria.

We Empower

Vulnerable kids- Orphans, less privileged and street kids. Every child deserves a bright future, with your help they can help them access it.

Hey! Spread the Word, we are kicking poverty in the butt.

Do More Your Way

We need YOU!!! Help the way you can, choose one action below and start empowering lives for the better today.

Buy a Glow Kit

25% profit from each kit go into our empowerment project

Suggest An Idea

Have a great plan to help combat poverty? We'd Love to hear.

Collect Items

Help organize a neighbourhood drive through to collect items.

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness, spread the word with friends, get rewarded


Glow Kit

Be Confident About Makeup-Free Days- Get Blemish free, smooth and even Skin. Great for dry/aging skin

Sushi-Mi Mask

Stops persistent acne. Target clogged pores, stubborn breakouts and leftover blemish. Great for sensitive/acne prone skin.

Make Bad skin days optional
And Poverty Obsolete.

Each kit is formulated to ensure good skin days ahead.