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Our family handcrafts products with love for the planet and compassion for humanity. Every purchase helps us give food and education to children in need, while eliminating waste. Thank you for supporting our dream of a brighter future for all.

The Future of selfcare

Our story

She was sitting on the floor, I realized she was paralyzed from the waist down.

As an 11-year-old, I was reminded of my good fortune when I took a stroll and came across an overhead bridge being used as a home by kids my age and younger.

I was really touched to see these kids no older than me, begging in traffic after coming from an event full of food, so I decided to share the little money I had on me.

I was quickly surrounded by 30 kids and I had very little money on me, so I ran out. As I turned to leave, one young boy about my age followed me and insisted I give his little sister money. He pulled my shirt and motioned me to her. She was sitting on the floor, but she could only move her arms and head. I realized, she was paralyzed from the waist down.

The thought of these kids being alone hit me hard. A boy who is not much older than I am is responsible for his sister. How did they get food and shelter? Where did they play?

20 years later, I am living in Canada and expecting our first child. While discussing all the possibilities our son will have available to him, I recalled the story of the brother and sister I met while living in Nigeria. I was reminded of how different their lives could have been if they had only had access to the same opportunities that my son will have.

Abelin was born out of our passion for formulating, our love for the planet, and our compassion as humans. 10% of our profit provides food and education for kids in need, so every child can dream, play, and have the education to succeed.

This  Future  is worth protecting

We believe in good designs that prevents perfectly good bottles from becoming waste. We can all do our part to reduce our environmental impact by making small changes to our daily routines

Your Glow Making a Differences

Handcrafted for the Lowest environmental.

Eco-Friendly design

Designed for refills and reuse, so they'll never end up in the landfill or pollute our oceans.

Sustainably formulated

30X smaller means less shipping emission, less water waste, and less product waste.

Empowers futures

 Empower a child to dream. 10% of purchases provide food and education for kids in need.