What is value and cost of packaging waste?

Think of the last package you discarded as waste. Before this was "waste" it was a pretty package- strong enough to hold products we love and attractive enough to catch our attention.

This same waste was thoughtfully designed by product engineers, crafted by manufactures and shipped across miles of land and sea. After months of crafting and travel this package was filled with product, placed on a store shelf and finally stood proudly in your bathroom where it spends 1-3 months or 0.02% of its life.

But then, once its content is empty it is tossed as "waste".  Even if placed in the recycling bin there is a 91% chance it will end up in our waste stream where it will live out the next 500 years (99.9% of its life) as trash, no longer a proud beautiful package but waste polluting our oceans and filling our landfills.

By age 70, the average person would have disposed of 49,274 items of bathroom waste. Only 1 in 5 of these packages will ever be recycled.

So why should we care?  We are accelerating climate change faster than any period before and the beauty industry has a big part to play. Packaging is one of the greatest hurdles to sustainability. According to a study commissioned by Zero Waste Europe, our use of beauty and personal care products produced 142 billion units of packaging in 2018 alone.

Our biggest impact on the planet should not be the destruction from the waste we leave behind but the joys and memories we create on in our home, earth. It's more important now than ever that we put an end to single-use bottles. Together we can transform our everyday rituals into planet care.