Climate change is putting our survival at risk. 

The Burden of
Single-use Waste.  

Personal care packaging poses the biggest challenge in the fight against single-use waste.
90% of personal care packaging becomes waste after a single-use. Plus, the carbon footprint utilized in creating, transporting, and disposing of these packages adds to its polluting footprint.

Did you know

The average person disposes over 49,274 items of bathroom waste by age 70.

75% of all self care packages ever produced are already waste.

A  bottle last over 500 years but it is only used for 1-3 months before being tossed away. 

We can’t recycle our way out
of todays climate crisis.

Sustainability is about reducing end waste, production waste, and resources waste.

Re-use limits the creation of new packages and reduces waste going to landfills + oceans,  preventing more waste from doing harm.

Designing out the waste

Because water accounts for 80-92% of the total ingredient in most self care products. We asked ourselves, what if we delayed adding water until it got to you? The results are:


 Lighter package 

90% Lighter package means less emission while shipping and more storage space in your bathroom. 


No more disposable.

No more single-use waste means cleaner oceans and less landfill waste. 


Less Resource Mining

Eliminates the exploitation of our earths limited valuable resources for the creation of new packaging

A Clean, Feel
Good Glow.

Our biggest impact on the planet should not be the destruction from the waste we leave behind but the joys and memories we create in our home, earth.

In a world of decreasing resources, Reuse is the future of beauty

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