The Hardest Working Cleanser-
1 product, 3 jobs

Minimalist 3 in 1 face detox cleansers, Removes makeup+ Hydrates + Deep Cleanses pores without stripping moisture. Packed with serum grade ingredients, for deeply cleansed pores and nourished skin.

Removes Makeup + Hydrates + Deep Cleanse Pores

"All I did was use the cleanse and my face feels freakin amaze"

Choose How You Cleanse


Chi-Mi Cleanser

Twist and glide cleanser pumps skin with powerful antioxidants to keep it smooth, glowing and moisturized longer.

Sponsors 2 days of tuition.

Oil based- Best suited for Dry sensitive skin

face fresh cleanser

Face Fresh Cleanser

Encourage cellular turnover and detox pores while restoring hydration and retaining moisture for the skin

Sponsors 2 days of tuition.

Water based- Best suited for oily, acne prone sensitive skin

Skip multiple-steps
switch to a minimalist cleanser

Makeup Remover

Active skin friendly ingredients to remove the toughest makeup without stinging eyes.

Deep Face Cleanser

Goes deep into pores clearing out dirt, grime + pollutant build up, leaving even tone glow.


Super powered hydration leaving skin texture smooth and soft after each cleanse.

Maintain Your Cleansed Glow

Nourishing Face Care Support, made with ingredients high in antioxidants to smoothen + soften skin, for a more radiant complexion.

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Polish- Serum Toner

Balances oil production + Nourishes + hydrates + brightens while protecting skin from UV damage, stress and environmental influences .

Sponsors 2 days of tuition.

Spot Eraser

Fast acting , targeted treatment to shrink acne before it grows. remove dark spots and blemishes without drying, or irritating your skin.

Sponsors 3 days of tuition.


Get Chi-Mi + Polish Serum Toner.

Sponsors 4 DAYS of tuition.


Get Face Fresh + Polish Serum Toner.

Sponsors 4 DAYS of tuition.

Story Of An Exhausted New Mom

As a new mom with little time, I get exhausted using multiple products after my cleanser. Why couldn’t one product do more??? This is what led to the 3 in 1 face cleanser. A minimalist cleanser that creates less clutter, less waste and smaller footprint on the planet; all while saving you money and time.

60 Days Money Back

100% satisfaction or 100% money back. No commitment. No subscription. No-Risk. "No-Hassle", "No Questions Asked" Refund, processed within 24hours.