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Nutritiously healthy vegan skincare to
feed skins and empower lives.

We make and sell the best skincare, to fund the education of kids in need. Every time get our skin kit, a child in need gets an education.

Chai-Mi Cleanser

Cleanse + Softens Removes makeup and grime. Crafted with Vit E, plus


Strawberry    Banana      Chia

Sushi-Mi Mask

Detox + smoothen + renew skin glow. Crafted with Vit C, E, Seaweed, plus


Ginger           Avocado     Cucumber

Yum-Yum Serum

Revive + Softens + Smoothens Skin. Crafted with Vit C, Coq 10 plus


    Carrot      Broccoli     Tomatoes

60 Days Risk Free or Money Back