Eliminate B.O.
Stay Smelling Fresh +72hrs

Pit cleansers eliminate odor-causing bacteria in your pits. So you can go about your day confidently.

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Detox your pits and say buh-bye to body odor. Pit rub 2-in-1 scrub + cleanse gently sloughs away bacteria causing body odor for fresh pits. Your foundation for great smell.

Sponsors 4 days of tuition.
Fresh pit spray by abelin


Prime your pits for great smell you can rely on. Plant powered spray, kills odor + prevents bacteria growth on the go, so you always stay smelling great.

Sponsors 2 days of tuition.


Get Pit Rub + Fresh Pit set.

Sponsors 6 DAYS of tuition.

Pit Cleansers, For less Awkward Moments

No Deodorant? No Problem, Still Smell Great All Day

Pit Therapy controls the growth of odor causing bacteria so you can keep smelling great with 72hrs+ protection!


Make Switching To Natural Deodorant Easy

Deep detox gives your pits the primer they need to switch to natural deodorant, confidently!

Do You Without The Funky Smell

For an active lifestyle that keeps you going, kill odor on the go with easy application so you don't have to stop!


Love Made Us Do It!🔥

Wife wants cuddles, but the husband got the funk smell. Wife tells husband, lose the funk or no snuggles for you. Husband gets desperate, locks himself in a secret lab making the perfect anti-odor formula. Now wife cant stop snuggling husband and husband can’t stop getting random hugs from strangers. THE END.