A child with a dream can change the world

More Than


abandoned children become homeless by 18 every year.



of abandon boys over 18 are lured into a life of crime



abandoned girls are lured into prostitution as sex slaves

Poverty Ends Where Empowerment Starts

Give a meal, feed for a day. Give education, feed for life.

Our goal- Empower 100,000 vulnerable children with access to free education and skill training.

  • Education Improves Gender Equity
  • Education reduces generational poverty
  • Education Improves Gender Equity
  • Education provides better job opportunities.

These Are The Dreams We Are Empowering

Education is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.

―Nita Ambani

Empower Dreams

This Kit Empowers Dreams
Get A Glow, Give A Glow

Your purchase sponsors up to 32 hours of education/skill training for. Together we are breaking the chains of poverty.

How It Gets Done!!

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Transformative Education.

A child is empowered with control of his future with access to an education

Futures brightened

With a solid foundation, he/she can go on to explore and fulfill their potential

We are in this together

Join The Fight Against Poverty

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With every purchase at Abelin, a portion of the proceeds is used to provide children in Africa free education.


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