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Healthy skin starts with care and care starts with daily healthy skincare routine. Simplify your skincare routine for feel-good skin in just 3 easy steps. Makeup and Bad skin are officially optional

Chia-Mi Cleanser

Cleanse and nourish skin for a velvety matte finish. Contains moisturizing and toning properties to maintain skin's youthfulness and combat acne.

Key Benefits


Soothing    Nourish        Protects

Key Ingredients


Strawberry    Banana      Chia

Sushi-Mi Mask

infuse skin with nourishing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants to eliminate impurities and toxins leaving your skin soft, hydrated and blemish free.

Key Benefits


Detox    Smoothens       Brightens

Key Ingredients


Ginger           Avocado     Cucumber

Sushi-Mi Mask

Ultra fast absorbing oil based serum without the greasy after-math. Protects, brightens and hydrate skin- leaving you with a jaw-dropping glow.

Key Benefits


Soften    Brighten     Refresh

Key Ingredients


    Carrot      Broccoli     Tomatoes

Get Feel Good Skin in 3 Steps

Top skincare routine approved by beauty bloggers

1. Cleanse.

Glide over skin, then lightly massage in for deep clean. Rinse with warm water and pad dry with clean cloth.

2. Mask.

Glide over freshly cleansed skin, leave for 10-15 min. Rinse with warm water and pad dry with clean cloth.

Vegan Skincare

3. Hydrate.

Glide over cleansed skin day and night and let it work its magic.

Make Makeup Optional

Activates on contact with the skin for a soft, blemish-free look. 🔥😍 

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Ingredients By Nature

All-natural vegan ingredients loaded with anti-oxidant( Retinol & carotenoids, and vit C)

Yinka (119 of 27)-min

Handcrafted For You

formulated for all skin types and easy application. No scent or fillers added

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Every kit funds the education of vulnerable and orphaned children.

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