About Keeping Dreams Alive

Let's help every child get an education for a brighter future. Education= (Better wage + Safer work environment) Better Future.

Dreams Realized

Let’s Arm The Future With Hope!!🔥

Together we can break the chains of poverty, by securing the future for today's kids.

⇒Provide quality education
⇒ Educational field trips
⇒Provide healthy meals

Its not Charity, its empowerment.

The day a child is abandoned, they become part of stats like 60% chance of been sold as sex slaves, or 70% likely to become criminals.
They deserve the opportunity to write their story and build their own future

Wear Your Beauty With Pride

Amina will get the education to achieve her dreams. Her future just got a lot brighter💪

How We Care

Together with you, we are making a difference one child at a time


Free Education

Provide paid education for upward social & economic mobility.


Free Food 

A child should have access to basic meals for a healthy mind and body.


Life Essentials.

Provide access to clothing, school supplies, and basic life essentials every one needs.

Your Glow Matters.

We can't do this alone, we need you.

Hey! Spread the Word and help empower 10k children with education in 2019

You care, we know you do. Help spread the word and empower lives.