Why Abelin Matters

Before Abelin, there were just two people who wanted to do more. but it always never seemed like the right time. Busy with college, paying off college, starting a family. The excuses just kept coming


That was until We came across these stat “60% of 2 million orphans are lured in prostitution and crime once they age out of an orphanage home.”


As expecting parents, we were mad. But being mad doesn’t change anything. The anger needed to be channeled. No more excuses, actions were needed.


The saddest part was having to narrow down the orphanage home we could be of the most help torn at our hearts (lots of tears). We settled with Light of Hope. They could not afford a website, so no means of raising money and we liked they tried to celebrate the children’s birthday.


With a message to an orphanage home. A cookout was organized. The first cookout fed 56 kids and the second fed 32 kids.


The tears, joy of watching these kids filled with life was unbelievable. Immediately, we realized these kids need this and often as well. They need beds to sleep in, bus to take to school, clothes to wear, better shelter.


This wasn’t an opportunity to wallow in depression for the task at hand. Rather an opportunity to do more, to bring people together to impact lives. An impact that guarantees a better life. Education was key. Giving them the ability to be earners would open paths for a better future.


On Choosing Skincare


I was feeling stressed at work and it was showing. My skin looked dull and tired all the time. To my surprise good products cost an arm and leg with most having chemicals I won’t want on my body (my son is a slobbering kisser).


My husband suggested making one for me? It worked like a charm and then we Realize we had something special.


We decided to disrupt an industry that’s overprized, oversaturated with lots of bad options. Yup! We chose skincare. But we had to make it better, improve on what’s already out there.

  • We made it solid, so it’s easier to travel with
  • All natural- no harm will ever come to your skin
  • Use Fruit and Veggie- They work faster and better since they contain more natural, stronger anti-oxidant
  • No skimping on luxury ingredients just the luxury price

We had the perfect product- Skin Smoothies- Hand mixed to Get you your best glow. Every time you glow, you can be proud of it impact it will have.


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