Why We Started abelin

Why We Made The Most Important Skincare

A series of fortunate events would lead an Urban Planner and a Digital Marketer to create a skin care that ensures abandoned child have access to an education.

The first event was when my skin was breaking out from stress. A friend recommended Good Genes serum, a great product by all rights. Rather than pay $150 for a serum, I hoped my partner would buy it as a Christmas gift.

He thought I was crazy for wanting a serum that cost so much. He listed off everything we could buy with that money.

But ever the optimist, he suggested we learn how to make serums. At first, I was speckitcal, as my sensitive skin reacts to almost anything. After several courses, and experiments, we got good, like very good. They worked and we were making them for 90% less. My sister-in-law couldn’t get enough of it.

Then came the second event, our pregnancy. Like every excited parent, we were thrilled discussing his future when it hit us. What if we are not around to watch him grow? No family member to take him in? The thought gave way to sadness, that there are kids out there with no support and little future prospects.  

Something needed to be done. We got in contact with an orphanage in Lagos, Nigeria- home to 36 beautiful children and began hosting regular dinners for the kids.

We realized we had to do more. These beautiful children leave the orphanage at 18 with limited skills making them vulnerable to crime, prostitution and a host of other unimaginable abuses. We knew immediately that education was key.

But our conversations with the orphanage manager revealed how expensive and inaccessible education was for these children.  

This was unacceptable, but we also realized we couldn’t fund the education of all these children alone- we needed help…Like A LOT of help.

Every challenge presents an opportunity, what if we could fund their education with our special formulation of skincare? We married our two passions- supporting abandoned children and formulating skin care.

We wanted to build a skin care brand that replaces the vanity in skincare with philanthropy. So you can feel good about looking good. Because when you look good you get that warm fuzzy feeling from knowing a child’s future just got brighter.

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