Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Taking care of our planet

Reducing The Impact of plastic in our Eco-system

We reuse and recycle our packaging and containers, so they serve beyond a one-time use. Each returned pack is reused to make skincare packs that are donated to women shelter.


Our goal is to make it simple, convenient and free to return any package bought from us for recycle.

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We understand the role our product plays in the eco-system and we have a firm commitment to move into 100% renewable containers by 2023


We reuse every package you return to make products for donation to women shelters.

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Let’s Clean up Plastic!🔥

Living without plastic in today's world is hard, but 86% of plastic is thrown out after one use. Together we can reuse, and recycle thereby reducing our impact in the ecosystem.

What happens to a return package?

Every pack you return goes on to empower a woman in need with a free self-care kit (deodorants, cologne stick and body balm).

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Return your empty pack

Each container is thoroughly inspected cleaned and sterilized. damaged containers go to recycle partners.

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Finds a New Home

We make face scrubs, deodorants and pack them in returned containers to be given to women shelters.

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It starts Again

Once product is used up, it can be returned to our giving partners for re-fills.

Look Good, Doing Good.

Learn 20 ways you can easily reuse your plastic to everyday use