instant Self Care.

Just Add Water Selfcare.

Eliminate 68 package waste from your self-care routine every year.

Bye Bye Waste

Eliminate single use waste waste from your routine.

Vegan + Cruelty Free

Made without any animal by product or testing

Clean Ingredients

Only clean ingredients that deliver results

Personal Care
Should be Personal.

For the rule breakers, the non traditionalist. We are breaking all rules on self care with an Innovative formulation that allows you customize (scent, colour + function)your personal care without waste.

How It Works.

Make Daily Routines
More Sustainable

Each product comes in concentrate form with 1 refillable bottle designed to last a lifetime. Pour the concentrate into your last bottle, add water, shake- VOILA! No more waste. This is Personal self care made wastefree.

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The Dirty Truth.

Disposable was never suppose to be permanent or take 500 years to dispose. +5,848, that is the average number of single-use containers from self-care essentials an average person will dispose of in their lifetime. 4 in 5 of those, will spend the next 500 years polluting our ocean and landfill. But, what if these bottles were never created? What could that mean for our planet?

We're hatching
big ideas

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