For Dewy Glowing Skin,
and Saving Lives

Food For Your Skin and Education For a Child. Clean, Simplified and affordable skincare that funds a child's dream.

We Care!
About Your Skin and Kids in need

We make food for the skin that gives you your best glow and gives a child their best future. Each pack sponsors 32 hours of education of a child in need

Chai-Mi Cleanser

Cleanse + Softens Removes makeup and grime. Crafted with Vit E, plus


Strawberry    Banana      Chia

Sushi-Mi Mask

Detox + smoothen + renew skin glow. Crafted with Vit C, E, Seaweed, plus


Ginger           Avocado     Cucumber

Yum-Yum Serum

Revive + Softens + Smoothens Skin. Crafted with Vit C, Coq 10 plus


    Carrot      Broccoli     Tomatoes

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Feed Your Skin.

Your skin is never happy when it gets hungry. Treat it to nutrients made from superfood for a happy, healthy skin.

32 hours of education in every pack.

When You Glow, Great Things Happen. Kids Like Amina get the education to achieve her dream.💪

Elevating the way skincare should work.

Healthier ingredients, better formulation, with a big impact at the most affordable price. The Way Skin Care Should Be!


Easy on your skin

We fruit and veggie base ingredients that are 100% chemical and Skin irritant free.


Easy on your wallet

We cut all non essentials so you Pay 245% less than other premium skincare brands.


Easy to buy

We simplify skincare, with 3 products in 3 steps. No confusion or guessing game.

Make Makeup Optional

Superfoods Work Superfast!! 🔥😍 

Unlock your best skin in 3 steps using superfoods with Ingredients by mother nature and hand mixed by us.

-100 % Vegan
-No Preservatives
-No scent
-Travel friendly
Spill & leak proof

You Should Love What You Use

We want you to be overjoyed by the results of your vegan skincare. If anything doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll make it right.